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[1950s - 1990s]

A collection of materials spanning [1950s – 1990s] from the personal archives of University of Illinois Professor M. Mobin Shorish, who was an advocate for the rights and dignity of the Afghan people during almost 40 years of uninterrupted conflict.
Professor Emeritus Ludwig W Adamec’s collection, who has provided multiple important titles for digitization. He has written and edited numerous books, including the monumental Historical and political gazetteer of Afghanistan.

(1962 - 1980)

The Kabul Times, established in 1962, was the first English language printed newspaper in Afghanistan. Following the 1978 coup, the Kabul Times was renamed New Kabul Times, and began to print Communist rhetoric that was reminiscent of days during the Cold War and was highly confrontative to the Western culture.
Unique collection of documents related to Afghanistan history, culture, and its development during the Jihad period and more.

(1946 - 1984)

Anis is one of the oldest newspapers in Afghanistan. Initially, it was published by Mohayyuddin Anis in Kabul on May 6, 1927. Currently, it is published by the Ministry of Information and Culture. Around 80% of the news is published in Dari and 20% in Pashto. The daily prints around 2,200 to 2,500 copies daily and being circulated in Kabul and other provinces. It is funded by the government with around 43 employees.